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APSM is announcing new features that have been added to their PSM software to help those in the ammonia refrigeration system industry manage and create recurring work orders and tasks. Our goal was to enhance and simplify the creation of recurring work orders and tasks—equipment inspection checklists and online forms.

There is now a preview recurrences button so you can preview a scheduled recurrence. This allows you to make adjustments before saving the recurrence or task. We also added a due date setting within recurring work orders, which allows you to change the due date from the default one month after the start date. You now have the ability to backdate the start date, which gives you more flexibility with your schedule.

Here’s a quick overview of the new changes to our work orders and task management system.

Recurrence Type:

The ‘Recurrence Type’ field allows you to set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurrence intervals in conjunction with the start date. You can choose when the recurrence starts and repeats, or you can have a new task regenerated based on the completion date of the current task.


The ‘Range’ field allows you to set the recurrence start date in conjunction with the recurrence type settings. You can also backdate the start date and select an end date range. If you choose ‘No End Date,’ the system will continue to create recurring work orders and tasks based on the recurrence type. 

By selecting ‘End’ after # of occurrences, the system will create the specified number of work orders or tasks. If you select ‘End by,’ the system will generate work orders or tasks up to the specified date.

Due Date:

The ‘Due Date’ field allows you to set the due date based on the start date. For example, if generating a daily task instead of using the default ‘Due 1 month after the task’s start date,’ you could set it to 0 days.

Recurrence Preview:

The ‘Preview Recurrence’ button allows you to preview the recurrence schedule. This allows you to make adjustments before finalizing the recurring work orders or tasks.

Here is what the preview will look like:

Share Your Feedback About The New PSM Software Features

We hope these updates make your management of work orders and tasks easier. As always, if you have feedback or suggestions for our team, please contact us.

If you are looking for a PSM software to help you better manage your work orders and tasks, request a demo from our expert team. 

About APSM Software

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