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Complete Customization Meets Advanced Control

The Ultimate Compliance Software

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Solutions for Any Industry

Compliance processes and management systems are as unique as the facilities and the people who manage them. With Catalyst you won’t need to fit your process in a box, you’ll design the box around your process.

Oil & Gas


Chemical Manufacturing

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)

Transportation and Distribution

Quality Management

Versatile and Easy to Implement

Total Customization, Full Process Management, and Complete Control

Catalyst allows full control of your entire process, from start to finish.

  • Full workflow creation and customization options
  • Role-based permissions and revision controls
  • Integrated Learning Management System capabilities
  • Asset Management and Maintenance Management
  • Document Management
  • Flexible, Powerful Audit Tools
Manage all of your systems

Manage Multiple Chemical Processes in the Same System

Workflow customization, approval controls, and permission settings allow for complete control of every site, every process, every form, every asset, every document, and every metric while ensuring accountability and transparency with an easy-to-use interface.

Fully Dedicated to Our Client’s Success

By definition, a catalyst is something that precipitates change or accelerates a reaction. We are fully committed to helping our clients realize positive changes that accelerate further improvements. Below are a few success stories:

About The Company

APSM has been a proven software solution company for 30 years and counting.

From the office that created and shaped the refrigeration industry’s PSM software market comes a comprehensive, customizable solution designed to meet your company’s compliance needs.

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